Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession which works with the patient to improve movement, function and quality of life.

Physiotherapy in any of our locations, Bedminster, Whitchurch, Congresbury or Clevedon involves both ‘hands on’ treatments from a physiotherapist in the form of, for example manipulation or soft tissue massage, and exercise. The patient is usually given exercises to help manage their condition and control it, or exercises to help a speedy recovery. Either way, this usually results in less treatment and less cost to the patient. Physiotherapists will work with patients to help them understand why they have pain and what to do to prevent recurrence.

Physiotherapists recognise a wide range of structures which could be causing your pain. Pain can arise from ligaments, muscles, nerves, or joints. Treatment is focused on addressing all components of your pain. Often it is not just a joint and therefore a quick ‘click’ of the spine which will relieve your pain – although it can be sometimes. The speed of recovery will depend on how long you have had your pain. Often the body adapts and so when you eventually see a physiotherapist, there may be a couple of structures requiring treatment. Physiotherapists are excellent at using their knowledge base and clinical expertise to assess and diagnose your problem. Social, environmental (PC work, posture at work), physical and psychological factors can all contribute to your pain.

The treatment provided by our physiotherapists is always evolving with research and evidence based practice. We strongly adhere to our core values and rules of professional conduct resulting in ethical, effective treatment which is patient centred.

Physiotherapy can help

  1. Independence and function at home through domiciliary visits

  2. Function, performance and participation in everyday settings such as work and sporting activities

For more information on physiotherapy read our Physio First document on the subject.

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