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The use of an electrical machine to facilitate healing.


Ultrasound is a mechanical method of treating tissue injury. Ultrasound uses sound waves at frequencies which cannot be heard by the human ear to cause a vibration in soft tissue. A gel applied to the skin is used to ensure a good contact. Ultrasound is generally used to treat ligaments, joint capsules, tendon, fascia and scar tissue. It is suggested that ultrasound application enhances the quality of repair and speeds the rate of healing. There are thermal and non-thermal properties of ultrasound. Applying heat in this way can facilitate recovery and some studies have indicated that the heat at a critical point could initiate the resolution of chronic inflammatory states - or old injuries. The non-thermal effects of ultrasound cause the cell activity to change, all of which promotes healing.

Pulsed Short Wave Diathermy (PSWD)

Pulsed Short Wave Diathermy (PSWD) is used to treat muscle, nerve, haematomas (large bruises) and oedematous areas (swelling). Pulsed short wave means bursts of short wave. There will be an 'on' or burst of short wave followed by an 'off' phase. Some tissue heating will occur during the ‘on’ phase and heat will dissipate during the ‘off’ phase. It is claimed that the primary effects of PSWD are:

  1. Encourages the absorption or resolution of a haematoma.

  2. Increases the number of 'good cells' in a wound.

  3. Improved rate of oedema dispersion.

  4. Encourages collagen (scar formation) layering at an early stage.

  5. Early bone development/healing (in fractures)

Muscle stimulators

These can be used to facilitate and enhance the contraction of muscle. Sometimes there is poor balance of muscle activity which can result in pain. Electrodes are placed on your skin and an electrical current is passed into the muscle. This feels like pins and needles and is usually very comfortable and will cause involuntary muscle twitching. The degree of intensity is entirely patient controlled - it's up to you how much you turn it up.

Anterior knee pain is a classic example where poor muscle activity results in poor tracking of the patella. Muscle stimulators can be used a get quicker results. They can be used to treat a variety of conditions including shoulder and knee pain.


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