Our qualified and experienced team can help you with sports injuries, work-related disorders, knee and shoulder problems and many other conditions.

We provide a range of treatments including soft tissue massage, pilates type exercises, spinal manipulation, gait re-education and electrotherapy.

Our qualified and experienced team can help you with sports injurieswork-related disordersarthritis, knee and shoulder problems and many other conditions in any of our locations: Bedminster Family Practice, Whitchurch Health Centre, Yatton Yeo Vale Medical Practice and Clevedon Oakspring Clinic.

You will require a physiotherapy consultation before receiving physiotherapy treatment. Following your consultation you will understand why you have pain, how to manage it and how to speed up recovery. Any aggravating factors will be identified and once elliminated this will facilitate recovery. 

Your physiotherapy session will be 30 minutes in duration.


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Treatments may include the following: