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Physiotherapy Assessment

Physiotherapy Assessment

Find out why you have pain

Physiotherapy Assessment or Consultation

Following your consultation which is an hour appointment, we will provide you with a diagnosis of what is causing your pain. You will have an idea of how long it will take to get better and a treatment plan tailored to your needs will be formulated. You will receive treatment to ease your pain and speed up recovery and be given a home exercise programme. This programe will provide you with better pain control and will help to reduce the chances of recurrence.

Physiotherapy Consultation: £50.

Free Assessment

This is a 15 minute consultation. You will be given a brief explanation of why you are in pain and an idea of how many sessions you will need to get you back to full fitness. A consultation or thorough assessment will be needed if you decide to go ahead with treatment. 

Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy Session

Physiotherapy treatment to help you get back to full fitness

During your physiotherapy session you will receive treatment to help ease your pain. The sessions are 30 minutes in duration. You will also receive ongoing advice which will facilitate recovery and help prevent your condition returning.

Physiotherapy Session: £38.

Ergonomic Assessments

Fit for Work: Make sure your work environment is set up for you.

Prospect Physiotherapy provides specialist ergonomic services to minimise the risk of work-related injuries and to promote safer working practices.

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulation came into force in 1993. This has led to ergonomic assessments and ideally these should be conducted before you experience back pain, neck pain or develop a work related upper limb disorder (WRULD). This means the equipment, job task and environment should be matched as best as possible to you. We can provide advice on how to achieve this.

The physical aspect of a person is the most important factor; your size, strength, health condition, previous history of neck or back pain, and your posture at work. Other factors taken into consideration will include the job task (inadequate rest pauses, repetitive action, static muscle work, excessive joint loading, work incentive schemes) the equipment used (its size and appropriateness), and the environment (vibration, light, noise). In addition lack of job security, peer pressure and job complexity will increase stress and increase the chances of developing WRULDs.

Ergonomic assessments aim to treat the cause rather than your symptoms.

Contact us now to book your ergonomic assessment.

Active Back Programme

Prospect Physiotherapy promotes back fitness.

An educational programme on posture and general back use which improves patients quality of life through improved function and less pain.

The Active Back Programme is run at Whitchurch Health Centre and aims to:

  • educate patients on posture and general back use
  • reduce patient fears and some psychosocial factors related to back pain
  • improve spinal mobility
  • improve back strength
  • improve patient confidence and function

Groups are limited to 10 with two physiotherapists carefully guiding and educating patients.

The course runs for eight weeks, once a week, for one hour.

At the moment you do need to be a patient at Whitchurch Health Centre to be able to attend. If you are not a patient here, ask your GP about any courses run. We may be able to hold one at your GP centre.

Sports Clinic

Sports Injuries

Early treatment results in early and fast recovery.

At Prospect Physiotherapy we provide a service to assess and treat any strains or sprains you may have following your sporting activities.

We will identify any contributing factors (such as tight or weak muscles) and address these which will help early recovery and reduce the chances of further injury.

Early physiotherapy is recommended - get the right advice - book an appointment.

Sports Injury Consultation: £50.

Ongoing Injury Treatment: £38

For more information, read our Physio First document on sports injuries.


Bike Fit - make sure your bike is set up for you.

Bring your bike to the clinic and Sue will assess this for you.

This is an hour appointment. Your bike will be put onto a turbo trainer and measurements will be taken to see if the bike set up is right for you. Sue can then give you advice on how to change the bike to the ideal set up which will lead to less pain if you are carrying cycling injuries or it will help to prevent them.

Bike Fit Assessment: £75

Home Visit

Home Visit - Physiotherapy treatment at home

Too painful to travel to one of our clinics? Hip replacement but no physiotherapy follow up? We can assess and treat you in your own home.

If you have pain which is so bad that you are unable to leave the house or you are recovering from surgery and can't drive then we can come out to you. This is a 45-60 minute appointment depending on your needs.We will come to your house, assess you and provide you with the appropriate treatment which will ease your pain. We will also provide you with the right advice and exercises to help you to recover faster. If you need further treatment we can visit you again.

Home Visit: £75


Accidents - at work or on the road

Your solicitor will be able to organise physiotherapy for you.

Your solicitor can refer directly to us. If you have had an accident and it was not your fault, whether it was at work or on the road, we can work with your solicitor to get you back to full function as soon as possible.

There is no waiting time. We can make a big difference to your pain which will help you get a better night's sleep and keep you at work.

We will assess you, provide a report to the solicitor if required, and then recommend the number of treatments you will need to get you back to normal. At the end of the treatment programme, if required, we will provide your solicitor with a discharge report. If at the end of the authorised sessions you still require more help we will write to your solicitor requesting further treatment or even investigations.

The invoice will go directly to the solicitor so the cost of physiotherapy is not something you will need to worry about.