Sports Injury / Acute injury


There is usually either immediate swelling, or swelling which occurs within 24 hours. Sometimes there is also bruising. In a sporting injury or a sprain, the structures injuried are often ligaments or a meniscus (footballer's cartilage). When structures are placed under severe strain this can result in a fracture.


This occurs following a twisting injury or by simply going over on your ankle.


Often a sporting injury is just bad luck but sometimes it is the result of a poor training programe. Make sure your programe is preparing you for the right activites you want to undertake. Talk to us about it.


With all sports injuries initially think RICE:

  1. Rest for two or three days to give the healing process a start
  2. Ice (put in a plastic bag) immediately for 10-30 minutes
  3. Compression with a tubigrip ... and finally ...
  4. Elevation.

We can treat your injury with either electrotherapy (which will speed up your recovery), or apply strapping (which will give your injury some support), or use soft tissue mobilisations (to decrease pain and facilitate recovery), or use a combination of these. We will also give you plenty of advice enabling you to return to your sport as soon as possible.