Osteoarthritis / degenerative arthritis

This is a condition which can affect the knee or any synovial joint in the body.


A synovial joint is a joint which contains synovial fluid which is the joint's natural lubricant. Typically the joint becomes painful, inflamed (swollen) and stiff. Patients usually complain of pain on stairs especially when descending.


The articular cartilage of the joint (the joint lining) becomes damaged and the underlying bone may also become affected producing bony growths called osteophytes. Once you have injuried your knee, depending on the degree of injury, arthritis can occur at a later date.


There is no real prevention. Whether you get arthritis or not is strongly related to your genes, but once you have injuried your knee getting the right advise from a physiotherapist will help reduce your chances of problems at later date.


A physiotherapist can provide you with the best advice on how to manage your condition but generally the best method of gaining the best function is to keep joints mobile and the surrounding muscles strong. If you have a flare up of arthritis physiotherapy in the form of specific exercises, advice and electrotherapy will help. In advanced arthritis a knee replacement may be required. Contact us. We can help you get back to full fitness as soon as possible.