Ankle Sprain/Strain

One or more of the ligaments of the ankle is torn or partially torn.


Often there is pain, swelling and bruising depending on the severity.


Usually this occurs as a result of uneven ground where the patient goes over on their ankle causing the ankle ligament to tear or rupture.

Ankle sprains can be individed into three types:

  • Type I – small amount of fibres torn with a minor degree of swelling
  • Type II - a fair to significant amount of fibres torn with immediate swelling
  • Type III - complete rupture of the ligament


Initially think RICE. Early intervention from a physiotherapist will help early recovery.Treatment can help all grades of ankle sprain.

A grade III, however, will generally require surgery, particularly if the ankle feels unstable and recurrently gives way. Physiotherapy following surgery is vital.

Preventing recurrence

Once you have sprained your ankle it is vital to ensure the ankle is restored back to full function as soon as possible otherwise further injury is likely.