Falls are often related to getting older. They can result in acute bruises and sometimes fractures as well as reduced confidence.


Symptoms vary and can include painful bruised knees or buttocks, lack of confidence, weakness, poor balance, fractures, neck pain and back pain.


With age comes poor balance, decreased function, an a general weakening of muscles. This can lead to falls.


By keeping active you will maintain better balance for longer and your muscles will stay stonger.


Physiotherapy will definately help to get you going again and help to prevent recurrence.

Painful and swollen bruises can be helped with elctrotherapy and soft tissue massage. Often gait rehabilitation is required to build confidence and improve balance. Specific exercises will help to improve strength as well as balance.

Sometimes falls can cause a jolt to the back which can result in neck and back pain. If you are limping due to pain (for example, due to a bruised knee) an alteration in your walking pattern can also cause back pain. In these cases spinal mobilisations will help.

Our aim is to get you back to full fitness as soon as possible so that you can stay independent.

Preventing recurrence

If you have had one fall, with age it is likely you will have another. Getting the right advise from a physiotherapist will help. Improving your walking pattern and restoring your confidence, balance, and strength will all help to prevent further falls.