Thoracic Spine Pain

Pain that is felt between the bottom of the neck and top of the lumbar spine.

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Often patients complain of worse pain when taking a deep breath


Thoracic spinal pain is usually associated with poor posture, back pack use, prolonged computer use, trauma (whiplash) or overuse injuries. The origin of pain is usually muscle but can be joint or disc.

Sometimes thoracic spinal pain can be associated with serious spinal pathology or osteoporosis. It is good practice to consult your GP prior to booking a physiotherapy appointment so that the cause of your pain can be clearly identified. Problems with the gall bladder, lungs, stomach, oesophagus and liver can all radiate into the thoracic spine.


Good posture will help to prevent you getting thoracic pain providing there are no underlying medical causes. Keeping the spine mobile and strong will also help.


Treatment can include mobilisation techniques to the spine and ribs, myofascial release, functional assessment and postural education. A physiotherapist can help reduce your pain with appropriate treatment and advice.