Check your posture

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When you are sitting and standing imagine that you have string attached to the top of your head and someone is pulling on it from directly above you. Notice how your pelvis is tilted into the correct position and your head is straight as per the diagrams below. 

Imagine your pelvis as a bucket full of water. If you tilt the bucket forwards, water will tip out of the front and the same will occur if you tilt your pelvis backwards. The best position for your lumbar spine is for the pelvis – or bucket of water – to be in a position where the water is level.

When standing, good posture is achieved with the chin level with the floor, chest up, shoulders relaxed, and lower abdomen flat. A centre line extends through the centre of the head, neck, shoulders, hips, knees and arches of the feet. The body weight is then balanced through this centre line.

Poor posture puts excessive strain on muscles, ligaments and joints and can lead to neck and shoulder pain, headaches and back pain. 

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