Spinal Osteoarthritis / Degenerative Arthritis

This is wear and tear of your joints (arthrosis) and discs (spondylosis) in your spine.

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Typically the back can become painful and stiff. Pain relating to arthritis is either due to inflammation or joint stiffness. Reducing either will reduce your pain. Sometimes nerve irritation can occur leading to sciatica.


This is a normal ageing process and does not necessarily have to be painful and limit your day to day activities. Generally with age the articular surface of a joint (joint lining) becomes rough and boney spurs (osteophytes) can develop. The disc height is also reduced which is why older people often complain they are getting shorter.


Keeping your spine strong and mobile will help to reduce the chances of pain.


A physiotherapist can provide you with the best advice on how to manage your condition. Physiotherapy in the form of spinal mobilisations, exercises and soft tissue mobilisations or myofascial release will help. 

Preventing recurrence

Continuing with the exercises given to you by us will help reduce the chances of recurrence.