Arthritis / Osteoarthritis

This is a condition which can affect any synovial joint.

Aches and pains when gardening?


A synovial joint is a joint which contains synovial fluid. This fluid is the joint's natural lubricant. Typically the joint becomes painful, inflamed (swollen) and stiff. 


Arthritis is general wear and tear, which leads to the lining of your joint (articular cartilage) thinning. This leads to pain and inflammation. In severe cases the articular cartilage becomes so thin it allows the bone to touch and rub. This may cause joint creaking. 


Arthitis can often occur in joints which have been damaged for example following ligament or meniscal injuries. Following an injury the best action is always to make sure you restore good joint mobility and good muscle strength. We can advise you on how to do this. Contact us.

If joints are put under alot of strain this may also increase the risk of arthritis. Lots of heavy lifting or poor posture can lead to early spinal wear and tear. 


Osteoarthritis can be helped by a physiotherapist performing joint mobilisations and by giving you exercises. This will help to improve the mobility of the joint affected and help to keep it strong. Depending on the joint affected you can also be given exercises to help joint proprioception (balance) which will help decrease pain.