Prospect Physiotherapy

Working hard to get you back to full fitness.

Do you want to get back to sport, but your old injury keeps coming back? Book an appointment at any of our locations: Bedminster, Whitchurch, Yatton and Clevedon. We can teach you how to resolve your sports injuries. Whether they are acute or chronic we can help. We can analyse your movement and help to improve it, making it more efficient and less susceptable to injury.

Is your pain getting you down? Are you having sleepless nights due to pain? We can help, book an appointment. 

Has everyone said ‘it’s your age’ or ‘you should expect pain at your age?’ This is not always right. We could reduce or even resolve your pain, so book an appointment. If you have an on-going back problem or an arthritic knee we can teach you how to manage your pain, putting you in control.

Do you experience pain when working at your desk? Is your work setup right for you? Is your posture correct? We can help. Book an appointment or an ergonomic assessment.

We can provide advice which will improve or resolve those aches and pains. Get the most out of life. Book an appointment now.